The University of Wolverhampton is delighted to have been awarded TASS Dual Career Accreditation, and although the University has always encouraged, and supported flexible learning for our elite athletes the Accreditation goes further to endorse our ambitions to create sporting hubs within the learning environment.

The University of Wolverhampton’s reputation has grown exponentially in regards to the delivery of High Performance Sport, with an emphasis on ensuring it is underpinned by a strong foundation of growing our own talent.

We are also very focused on managing expectations – there is no guarantee of success – student athletes need to back up their sporting potential with a balance of education and qualifications.

The University boasts over 23,000 students across 3 campuses. Students can study Sport, Psychology, Nursing, Paramedics, Performing Arts, Physiotherapy, STEM subjects, Business & Law, History & Politics, Uniformed Services, to Criminology to name a few…

We are also very connected with the West Midlands University Technical College (WM UTC), developing a post 16 sporting pathway model, encouraging ambition, and a seamless transition into higher education.

TASS dual career scholars, along with being supported through academic flexibility, will also be supported through the WLV Sports Scholarship Scheme

Student athletes who have come through the WLV Sport Scholarship include:

  • Jemima Yeats-Brown, British Judo
  • Mimi-Isabella Cesar, British Gymnastics
  • Kristian Thomas, British Gymnastics

Please contact our TASS Dual Career Coordinator for more information: James Dale –