The University of Manchester has a proud and long-standing academic and sporting history. Our university offers a unique blend of experiences in both studies and sport, all in the heart of a city with sport at its core.

For high performing athletes, we offer a sport scholarship to support athletes in their development and performance across all aspects of their life ( We pride ourselves on our person-centred approach, shaping the scholarship support to the athlete’s needs as an individual and their journey as a student and athlete. Whether a scholar has existing support teams (such as English Institute of Sport or professional club support) or would need our expert practitioners to support their development, we work with the athlete from the outset to co-ordinate support that matters, placing the athlete at the very centre of all decisions.

The University of Manchester is delighted to be awarded the TASS Dual Career Accreditation. We recognise that the needs of student athletes require specific support and we have worked with academic colleagues across the university to develop our Dual Career policy and academic flexibility provisions. These items, together with an exciting programme of workshops, sit at the heart of our scholarship and TASS support. This award recognises our commitments to talented student athletes in helping them to excel in their studies, their sport and as people after graduation.

For more info, please contact Jonathan Kantor, Performance Sport Officer,