At the University of Hertfordshire, we are very proud to achieve the Sport England TASS Dual Career Accreditation. It is incredibly important to us that athletes at Hertfordshire feel supported in both their academic and sporting career. We have carefully put in place a dual-career policy that reflects our belief that students should be given the opportunity to succeed in their chosen sport and academic pursuits simultaneously.
Our dedicated practitioners are available to provide support and expertise for high-performance athletes during their university career. Athletes selected into the University’s sport scholarship programme can request flexibility around their sporting commitments to support their studies. These students can also take advantage of the world class facilities and services available at UH.
Our physiotherapy team have extensive experience supporting professional sports teams as well as roles in Commonwealth and Olympic Games. The Strength and Conditioning Coaching Team have a wealth of experience at international level, training some of the top athletes in the world across a diverse range of sports.
In addition to a high-performance environment and access to world class facilities and services, the staff at the University of Hertfordshire aim to make a significant impact on the lives of talented athletes by providing them with opportunities to further their knowledge around important subjects, such as performance nutrition, sport psychology, recovery techniques, anti-doping responsibilities, media training and lifestyle balance.
For more information about the University of Hertfordshire Dual Career Accreditation or Sport Scholarship Scheme, please contact Hannah Darling