The University of Hertfordshire is completely committed to providing a dual career environment that supports athletes to achieve both their academic and athletic aspirations. We are therefore delighted to receive the TASS Dual Career accreditation which recognises our work in supporting talented athletes in their sporting and professional development.

Athletes studying at the University of Hertfordshire benefit from a range of practical interventions around exams, coursework, deadlines and group work which are flexible to support the demands on athletes leading a dual career lifestyle. In most instances, athletes can also choose to access one to one tutoring from academic staff if required.

Dual career athletes at the University of Hertfordshire have access to one to one lifestyle support teamed with group workshops covering a spectrum of lifestyle topics. In addition to this our S&C, physiotherapy, sport psychology and performance nutrition services are all delivered by first-class coaches and practitioners that have experience working with elite athletes.

It is important to the University that athletes have a positive student-experience alongside the opportunity to excel in their studies and sporting endeavors. We look forward to continuing to work with TASS in providing dual career opportunities for athletes in higher education.

For more information on TASS at the University of Hertfordshire please contact Liam Connor, TASS Lead.  01707 281002