Having been named The Times and The Sunday Times Sports University of the Year 2016, in recognition of excellence in sports performance, education and research, The University of Exeter looks to continue its sporting success in 2016/17.

Exeter attracts elite student athletes, has more than 50 sports clubs, supporting students at all levels of competition and is the top ranked institution nationally for Rugby, Women’s Tennis and Men’s Hockey.

In the British Universities and College (BUCS) sport rankings, the University sits 4th for league and cup competition across all sports for the 15/16 season and 5th overall in the BUCS rankings. In 2015/16, over twenty athletes secured international representation in their sport.

The University of Exeter is proud to continue its partnership with the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) for 2016/2017 as a TASS Delivery Site. In conjunction with our own Sports Scholarship Scheme, we offer a number of support services to our TASS athletes including strength & conditioning, physiotherapy and lifestyle mentoring.

Through this partnership TASS athletes have access to our Athlete Development Centre (ADC) – a specialised High Performance training facility used for both S&C and physiotherapy rehabilitation. Additionally, where appropriate, TASS athletes have the opportunity to access group S&C, sports specific training sessions and a variety of workshops including, but not limited to nutrition, employability and anti-doping.

We work hard to be flexible around the needs of our TASS athletes, being mindful of both the training and academic demands placed on them, thereby operating an athlete centred approach.

By running our TASS support services alongside those of our own Sports Scholarship Scheme we feel this gives TASS athletes the added benefit of experiencing training and being supported as a student athlete in a higher education environment, adding an additional level of service provision to their support network.

For all TASS at Exeter or University of Exeter ADC related enquiries contact: Nicky Savill n.a.savill@exeter.ac.uk