The University of Essex – Home to the curious, brave and bold.

We’re a university where curiosity prevails, and where exploring new ways of thinking and pushing boundaries, isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected.

We were named University of the Year at the Times Higher Education Awards 2018 for our determination to do things differently and put student success at the centre of everything we do.

We’re committed to two things: excellence in teaching and excellence in research. We put student success at the heart of our mission, supporting every student from every background to achieve outstanding outcomes; preparing our students to thrive in their future lives.

This philosophy extends to Essex Sport, where we strive to provide innovative, athlete centred programmes in our focus sports and teams: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby Union and Men’s and Women’s Football.

We aim to ensure that each athlete is fully supported to reach their sporting potential, by providing the following support services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching
  • Sport Science Testing and Monitoring
  • Nutrition and lifestyle workshops and ongoing support
  • Sport Psychology

Having been a TASS Delivery Site (TDS) since the inception of TASS, we are proud to also now be recognised as a Dual Career Accredited site, recognising our commitment to providing athletes the best chance for success in both sport and education. Student athletes at Essex can benefit from our academic flexibility policy as well as tailored lifestyle support to help them balance the rigours of studying, training and competing.

For more information on how we support student athlete dual career support or our Performance Sport Programme, please contact: or