The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is proud to be involved in TASS and to be selected as one of 37 delivery sites across the country that are recognised for their profile, experience and reputation associated with performance sport delivery. We have six focal sport areas; Women’s football, Netball, Basketball, Rugby League, Table Tennis and Golf but we welcome athletes from all sports and have experienced staff that can support a wide range of sporting contexts.
At UCLan, we believe in providing authentic, real-world learning and assessment opportunities. To this end, we have partnerships with Preston North End FC, Wigan Warriors RLFC, Blackburn Rovers LFC and the English Institute for Sport, to name but a few, and our staff have extensive experience of working in professional clubs and supporting elite sports performance. Staff will be on hand to create personalised wrap around support for our assigned TASS athletes. The support UCLan can provide is central to developing and enhancing each athlete’s sporting and academic needs. Support will consist of core services such as Lifestyle Support, Strength & Conditioning & Physiotherapy and additional services such as nutrition and psychology.
We have an extensive range of sports degree programmes that encompass the disciplines of physiotherapy/sports therapy, sport, exercise and nutritional science, sports performance and analysis, sports coaching and development, physical education and sports management. This provides an extensive staff base with which to support the TASS programme. However, recognizing the dual career pathway, the University also offers a wide variety of degree courses across a range of discipline areas such as medicine and dentistry, health and social care, law and business, engineering and computing, journalism and media and the arts and social sciences.
All students are expected to proactively and effectively manage their time to allow them to engage in and successfully complete the necessary work and assessments required, around their life commitments. However, our Dual Career accreditation means that we are committed to providing academic flexibility to help student-athletes accommodate the competing demands of pursuing sporting and academic excellence. Our Dual Career policy provides via a range of ‘in advance’ and ‘catch up’ support mechanisms to help student athletes keep ‘on track’ with their programme of study. If a student requires a prolonged absence due to several concurrent international sporting commitments and timely arrangements cannot be made within the cycle of study, then procedures such as interruption to study or a change of mode (i.e. full time to part time) may be more appropriate.

For more information contact Kate Youngman, Performance Sports Manager