The University of Brighton (UoB) is proud to be in partnership with TASS to support developing athletes in their path towards careers in both sport and academia.

The program gives our staff the opportunity not only to oversee, but to work alongside the athlete to create an environment in which they can continue to develop their athletic ability, whilst also understanding the importance of balance between sport, education and social life.

We believe in the continued education in each of these aspects, and our team of advisors place a high importance on practical application to help develop good habits for long term success.

UoB Staff:

  • Strength & Conditioning Lead; Rob Nitman
  • Strength & Conditioning Assistant; Hallam Kimpton
  • Lifestyle Mentoring; Claire Slater

UoB delivery also includes:

  • Physiotherapy support
  • Nutrition support
  • Sports Psychology support
  • Access to UoB sports facilities

Workshop opportunities include:

  • Nutrition for sports performance
  • The role of recovery
  • CV development and employability
  • Anti-doping

For any further information regarding TASS or UoB’s support programs please contact: Claire Slater – TASS Delivery Site (TDS) Lead
01273 644108