Our aim at the University of Birmingham is to provide a support model that assists talented student-athletes in maximising their sporting potential, whilst aiming to attain academic excellence at school, university or college.

Since the needs of transitional (16-23yrs) athletes are complex, we believe an integrated support structure is fundamental in creating the appropriate environment for successful development. This means we are committed to guiding each student-athlete towards obtaining and honing the skills and attributes necessary to excel in both academic and sporting areas.

To enable this model of support, the University of Birmingham has established The Performance Centre team; a network made up of a full-time scholarship management team and athlete support practitioners – sport science, S&C and sports medicine.

The philosophy at our TASS Delivery Site and amongst its staff is simple: the athlete is central. Our team of highly qualified practitioners are unified in working together to share knowledge and ensure the needs of each individual student-athlete are met.

We are committed to not only providing a comprehensive, encapsulating package, consisting of tailored strength & conditioning, physiotherapy and integrated lifestyle support, but also a continuously proactive approach to each individual that we work with.

The focus is not only on developing the vital physical competencies that will underpin a professional sporting career, but also supporting the education, lifestyle development and academic achievements of our athletes.

Our lasting involvement with TASS is a testament to our dedication to the facilitation of student-athletes reaching their potential.

For further details please contact Sport Scholarships Manager Hugh Sproston h.d.sproston@bham.ac.uk and/or Sport Scholarships Officer Helen Waters h.v.waters@bham.ac.uk