At the University of Bath we have a proud track record of supporting talented athletes who want to combine sport and study effectively.

We were the first University to offer sports scholarships, back in 1976, and have kept that tradition flowing ever since.

Hundreds of athletes benefit each year from our supportive, world-class and performance sport environment to achieve medal and academic success at the highest level.

TASS athletes at the University of Bath are supported within the Dual Career Programme. The dual career community is made up of performance athletes that are also within full time education at the University of Bath or TASS athletes studying locally in the southwest.
This community’s needs are addressed and supported with a full-time Performance Sport Officer, helping each individual to unlock their potential.

Dual career athletes can expect:
• Free access to many of the £30m Sports Training Village facilities
• Discounted rates for other sports services
• A dedicated athlete lounge for rest and recovery between sessions
• Workshops and webinars provided by our performance staff
• Discounts in the sports cafe
• Up to 75% off vocational courses in Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Sports Massage etc.

If you would like to know more about us please contact:
Katie Payne, Performance Sport Officer,