Swansea University is proud for their sports programme to be leading the way with supporting talented athletes in education in Wales, having been the first Welsh University to be accredited by the TASS initiative.

Swansea University and its’ Sports Department is delighted to be awarded the TASS Dual Career Accreditation. This recognition is testament to the hard work and dedication of colleagues across the institution for the commitment shown to supporting student athletes to excel in both academia and sport whilst studying at the University.

The Dual Career Accreditation represents a unique partnership between support services and academic staff from across the University. Swansea University is committed to ensuring a dual career pathway is available to student athletes. We believe that by providing academic flexibility as well as the correct environment and support, student athletes will be given the opportunity to thrive and fulfil both their sporting and educational potential.

We look forward to working closely with TASS to continue to provide an excellent dual career environment ensuring our talented athletes excel in education alongside achieving success in their sporting endeavours.

For more information about the support we can offer with TASS and associated scholarships please contact our Athlete Support Officer Imelda Morrisson by emailing  I.J.Morrisson@swansea.ac.uk