BMet has a long tradition of Athletes and Sports Performers attending academic and vocational courses at the college whilst combining the commitments required for high level performance in their chosen sports. In recent years, Elliot Giles (Olympic 800 metre Finalist); Professional Footballers such as Mark Albrighton; Jack Grealish and Sam Hornby; European Tour Golfer Richard Mansell; Irish Sprinter Gina Akpe-Moses and GB Hurdler Jake Porter are examples who have had to combine their studies with the rigours and commitments of Elite Sport. BMet are committed to support young, aspiring sports performers to realise their sporting talents but also ensuring that they also succeed in their education, maximising their future options. Staff recognise that sometimes flexibility and guidance is required to ensure that the Dual Career Athlete is not overawed or disadvantaged due to their considerably more condensed commitments and that they are equally supported to maintain a sensible work-life balance. The Dual Career Accreditation identifies the assurances that the College gives to the individual student athlete that they will support them whilst they are on a study programme at the college.

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