At Sheffield Hallam University we are committed to supporting academic and sporting excellence, we offer an extremely athlete centred programme.

At Sheffield Hallam, your study goes beyond lectures and essays. We think you only truly understand what you have learnt when you apply it in the real world.

There are over 35,000 students at Sheffield Hallam University due to the variety of courses available at undergraduate and postgraduate level within four faculties.
• Health and Wellbeing
• Sheffield Business School
• Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences
• Development and Society

A copy of the online prospectus can be found at-

At Sheffield Hallam University TASS is the pinnacle of sporting awards as it is national governing body (NGB) nominated. Sheffield Hallam University are delighted to continue our 10 year relationship with TASS by continuing as a TASS Delivery Site.

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme fits within the Sheffield Hallam University’s overarching Sports Strategy to support talented athletes. SHU are keen to continue to work alongside TASS to help aspiring young athletes develop and reach their sporting and academic goals.

Our philosophy
‘Sheffield Hallam University are committed to the delivery of top level sports science services to TASS athletes supporting and providing them with the tools, facilities and expertise to reach their potential in sport and academics’

Sheffield Hallam University offer TASS athletes the following support services-
• Performance Membership to Sheffield Hallam Active (Fitness & Facility Assess)
• Unlimited Strength and Conditioning (Functional Movement Screenings, Sport Specific Programme, Body Composition, Performance Reviews)
• Unlimited Physiotherapy (Functional Movement Screenings, Reactive, Rehab, Prehab, Massage Sessions)
• Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (Mentorship, Needs Analysis and Personal Development Sessions)
• Sports Psychology Support
• Anti-Doping Support & Workshops
• Further Sports Science Support

For more information please contact Helen Roberts- Performance Athlete Support Officer
Telephone- 0114 225 6401. Email: