Oxford Brookes‘ vision is to embrace an integrated sports performance culture.

As a team of practitioners we ensure a combined approach to the delivery across a number of service providers in the creation of an outstanding athlete-centred experience.

Our TASS Delivery Site is a working model with this philosophy; Lifestyle, Strength & Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage Therapy, Sports Psychology and Nutritional experts working closely as a delivery team.

We pride ourselves on clear lines of communication, progressive thinking and flexibility; to allow the athletes working with us to receive an innovative and consistent experience.

We are driven by our potential to create a truly excellent TASS Delivery Site and are now one of the largest in the country working with a number of athletes across a diverse sporting offer.

We look forward to welcoming student athletes and colleagues to Oxford.
Our Delivery Team:
John Harman
Oxford Brookes University
Strength & Conditioning Lead
Contact details: jharman@brookes.ac.uk or 01865 48 31 66
Luke Taylor
Oxford Brookes University
Strength & Conditioning & Lifestyle Lead
Contact details: luke.taylor@brookes.ac.uk or 01865 48 31 66
Amy McQuitty
Premier Therapy
Contact details: AmyMcQuitty@premiertherapy.co.uk