NTU is committed to supporting the development of talented student-athletes through the implementation of an institution wide dual career policy.  The university will provide a variety of catch up provisions to talented athletes (across as many subjects as possible) upon their return from a granted period of absence, including access to online notes, access to online lectures/resources and planning sessions with academic advisors to create an appropriate academic timeline.

NTU is also able to offer to dual – career athletes the opportunities to moving seminar/lecture groups (where there are multiple options available), flexible deadlines to assignments (when agreed with academic staff well in advance of the deadline, catch up sessions with lecturers, and, where possible the option to offer an uneven split of credits in the academic year.

Additionally, the academic flexibility options listed could also be made accessible to dual – career athletes (across as many subject areas as possible) in more extreme circumstances/to cover longer absence periods, such as switching to part time study, adapting exam dates and the consideration of taking exams in situ, and taking sabbatical years.

For more info, please contact Chris Campbell, Performance Sport Manager chris.campbell@ntu.ac.uk