Loughborough College has been at the forefront of student sport and education challenges and the management of these processes. We have been supporting athletes through this process for over 15 years. We currently have 4 trained Dual Career Coordinators who have diverse skills that support a variety of educational and sporting needs.

Our athletes compete in a variety of sports and at a national and international level. These sports include rugby, athletics, golf, volleyball, netball, football, handball, triathlon, and cycling. Some of athletes stay in our on-site accommodation and this helps develop resilience and independence as well as teaching key skills like cooking, food hygiene and self-discipline. Programmes of study vary from A level to Engineering as well as BTEC Sport and BTEC uniform services.

The college support process has always been student-athlete focussed, with the student learning experience coming first. Above all sporting ambitions at Loughborough, we aim to produce successful people with our vision being a continuous journey to provide a sporting experience so positive it is life shaping. The social and personal development of the athlete is just as important as the education and sporting development.

The TASS Dual Career Accreditation will now help us to shape this provision, support our learners further while they strive to be the highest performing athletes as well as pursuing their own personal journeys in achieving an education alongside. The town of Loughborough is synonymous with sporting and educational excellence and the TASS Accreditation helps us continue this.