Liverpool John Moores University is recognised as a leading institution when it comes to supporting dual-career student athletes. Alongside working with TASS for the last 15 years, LJMU is extremely proud of their successful scholarship scheme, which ensures talented students reach both their academic and sporting potentials. Furthermore, LJMU houses some of the world’s leading sport scientists and sporting practitioners, whose research and applied work contribute to ensuring that our athletes receive the highest level of support. This support has led to many Olympic and professional athletes graduate in 3-4 years, while competing at some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Gaining the TASS Dual Career Accreditation is a huge achievement for the whole university, demonstrating LJMU’s continuing commitment to student athletes and their holistic development. We as a university are committed to our dual career support structure, and the academic flexibility policies that we have available to the athletes based at our Accredited Site.

“TASS has played a key role in developing and implementing the DC accreditation scheme, which been a valuable accreditation process, approved by a number of Universities to benefit many DC athletes across the country and LJMU are proud to be a part of this national athlete dual career program. The DC accreditation is fundamental in enabling our DC athletes navigate clearly through their sporting and academic commitments. The accreditation highlights LJMU’s commitment in providing academic flexibly to our student athletes, while helping them best prepare for their life beyond graduation.” (David McDermott LJMU Head of Elite Sport & Athlete Management)

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