King Ecgbert School has a proud tradition of students becoming elite athletes and achieving high academic standards, a tradition that we are keen to uphold and develop, to offer more young and talented athletes opportunities as they embark on a difficult balance of academic study and sporting success.

Notable alumni who have been supported in this proud tradition are Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and Joe Root. In our current cohort we have the incredibly talented Sam Tierney representing U19’s Women’s Football and superb sportsman U19’s Nick Wall England Squash Number 1. Both current receivers of the support and development that the TASS scheme has to offer.  

Our philosophy is that we want to maintain and enhance our support for young athletes as they manage their extensive training and academic workload. We want to ensure they leave us with excellent academic qualifications to support their future sporting careers which we know can be short or unfortunately at times fraught with injury. 

We are dedicated to providing a specific link member of staff for TASS as a primary contact for queries and communication and promote TASS opportunities to other talented young athletes. They work together to create and develop an individual learning plan for our athletes, and work with academic staff to provide flexibility within learning programmes to ensure that work is not missed and provide alternative forms of support for prolonged absence due to training or competitions.

We believe we can offer in partnership with TASS outstanding academic study and pastoral support to enable to them to reach their potential.

“King Ecgbert School has really helped me to achieve my goals over the years I have been here, and even more in sixth form. They allowed me time off to compete and the teachers are really helpful in helping me catch up on work that I miss.

“I am very grateful for all the support from school including helping me with decisions I make such as potential university scholarships abroad. Hopefully one day I will be able to make this school proud with my success.”

Nick Wall