Edinburgh Napier takes dual careers very seriously. The University wants its students to maximise their potential in their studies and in their sporting career and through our Centre for Developing Athletes, we want to help both established and developing athletes and coaches achieve their sporting and academic potential.

We understand that some of our students may be on a development or performance pathway within their sport with ambitions to succeed at the highest level in the future. Edinburgh Napier University wants to support these developing athletes alongside those who have already established elite level performance.

To aid this, it has developed a Dual Career Policy which commits the University to providing an environment that allows these athletes and coaches to excel in both academic and non-academic pursuits. The University recognises that, in order for high performing students to achieve their academic and sporting goals, to prepare for, compete in, or coach at major events and to contribute to the University’s Strategy for Sport, flexibility around an individual student’s pattern of study or assessment may be needed from time to time. We believe our Dual Career Policy is an excellent mechanism to ensure that our students do not have to compromise their talents in either sport or study.

Applications to become a member of the University’s Centre for Developing Athletes are welcomed from all students, regardless of level, mode of study or fee status. Once accepted, each student is allocated a Dual Career Academic Tutor who will help liaise with the school to help prevent clashes with training and competition schedules, work with our dual career athletes and the school to find a way to record lectures or tutorials they may have to miss, help plan studies and arrange alternative assessments where possible and support students when training or competition selection requires absence at short notice.

More information on Edinburgh Napier’s Centre for Developing Athletes and its Dual Career Policy can be found hereand hereor you can contact dualcareer@napier.ac.uk.