At Cardinal Newman College we have a wide range of talented student athletes completing in an array of sports at regional/national standard including; athletics, gymnastics, tennis, trampolining, football, netball etc.  These individuals can take advantage of a bespoke sporting and academic programme that enables them to get the very best from their sporting and academic careers without having to choose between the two.  All our talented student athletes receive support from a dedicated member of staff who they can meet to discuss academic performance and how it compliments their sporting commitments.  All students receive the same package of support regardless of what course they are studying.  At Cardinal Newman College we recognise the challenges students face in and out of education and now as a TASS dual career accredited centre, we are able to further support and develop those students in both their academic studies and chosen sporting field.
For any queries regarding our dual career support at Cardinal Newman College please contact Jonathan Fletcher; 01772 460 181 Ext:2039 / email: