Bournemouth University (BU) is proud and passionate in its continuing support of the development of athletes along their chosen sporting career whilst maintaining a very strong work ethic towards their academic career.

The partnership with TASS has enabled the Team at Bournemouth to create a personal supportive program with all the athletes to ensure their wellbeing is the main factor to any discussion or program engagement.

We help students with any transitions that may occur and give advice and support to combine their academic and sporting landscapes so that success can be maintained in both.
We have a strong track record of program delivery which continues to develop athletes and our dedicated team of experts are always willing to listen to the athlete needs.


  • TDS Lead – Martin Wells
  • Strength & conditioning program and support – Dan Boer
  • Physiotherapy – Peter Bloomer
  • Lifestyle support – Michael Barry
  • Nutrition support – Joanna Hanna
  • Sport Psycology – Emma Kavanagh

In addition to all the support being provided BU will also provide the following

  • Free SportBU gym membership
  • Free access to the Game Ready machine
  • Free sign up to the TeamBldr app
  • Free sport science workshops (Time management, Nutrition, Social media, interviewing, sport psychology and anti-doping)

For any further information regarding TASS or BU’s support programs please contact:
Martin Wells – TASS Delivery Site (TDS) Lead
01202 965883