Role of the Sport

TASS is a partnership between athletes, sport and delivery sites, with each side bringing resources, expertise and commitment to enhance the support that is available to talented student-athletes.

The sport National Governing Bodies’ (NGBs) contribution to the partnership includes:

  • A commitment to understanding the importance of supporting athletes’ outside of sport and adapting sport programmes to better accommodate other requirements.
  • Ensuring that the local sport-specific coaching infrastructure is in place for TASS athletes.
  • Facilitating an exchange of sport-specific knowledge from within the NGB to the delivery to enhance the support to other talented-athletes in the sector.
  • Providing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for practitioners within the TASS Network. These include bespoke training courses, networking days and experience of travelling with national teams to training camps and competitions.

Role of the Athlete

The aim of TASS is to help athletes perform to the best of their ability both in their sport and also in their chosen course of study. Balancing both is not easy and the TASS programme is designed to support, assist and advise.

  • Athletes are expected to make good use of the support services on offer and keep in touch with their TASS Delivery Site (TDS) staff.
  • Each athlete is assigned to a TDS depending on their geographical location and need to commit to regularly attend sessions there.
  • An athlete does not need to study at that institution but must be able to regularly access the services provided at their TDS.
  • Athletes are expected to keep TASS informed of any notable competitions and results and anything else significant during the TASS year.

Role of the Delivery Site

The support services making up an athlete award are provided by and through TASS Delivery Sites (TDS) based at institutions throughout England. In 2022/23 there are 36 TDSs delivering services to athletes on behalf of TASS.

  • The TDSs are the main point of contact and liaison with the athletes for the day to day operation and management of the Scheme.
  • They are the principle provider of support services including lifestyle support, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, nutrition, sport psychology and the TASS Medical Scheme.
  • The staff based at the TDSs are experienced in dealing with talented athletes and they will work with the athletes throughout the year to support them to balance the demands of their sport, reach their academic potential and meet their targets in both.