Core services

Our core services are delivered by a network of qualified support staff based at your designated TASS Delivery Site (TDS).

TASS works in partnership with a network of institutions across England to provide you with a comprehensive programme of support – helping you to maximise your potential and balance a dual career.

Your support package may include strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, lifestyle support, psychology, nutrition, a medical scheme and access to mental health support. Services are all delivered by qualified practitioners.


Lifestyle support is a service that is designed to empower. Your lifestyle advisor will help you to balance your busy life and encourage you to develop as a confident and organised individual. Each TASS athlete is allocated a lifestyle support practitioner who is familiar with the demands of performance sport and personal development. Practitioners work with you to consider schedules, demands and to identify potential challenges and how these may be resolved. Pinpointing key goals and discussing the steps required to help achieve them is also key for success. Support in these areas may take the form of tailored one-to-one guidance, resources or workshops in areas including anti-doping, time management, education/career planning and budgeting. Our practitioners can also put you in touch with fellow professionals who can provide further specialist support.


This service is delivered on a referral basis and aims to deliver and equip you with the mental skills training and psychological tools necessary to perform more consistently in training and competition. Skills that could benefit your sporting performance can include goal setting, anxiety management, somatic techniques, cognitive techniques, imagery, concentration/focusing techniques, confidence, mental toughness/resilience and counselling. Team skills we offer can include team goals, role clarity, communication, leadership, cohesion and tournament/competition preparation strategies.


Nutrition support is delivered on an individual referral basis or within group workshops. The service aims to advise you on sport specific nutrition strategies that focus on the demands of athletes and also basic diet behaviours.

Strength & conditioning

Strength and conditioning plays an important role in building robust athletes. It can reduce the risk of injury brought on by the physical demands of sport training while developing the physical characteristics that support an individual’s long term athletic development. However, TASS strength and conditioning isn’t all about lifting weights – it’s about educating you on what’s required to improve performance. Your strength and conditioning coach works alongside a technical coach to design and implement an individual training programme. Our strength and conditioning service works alongside physiotherapy specialists to ensure you’re rehabilitated and redeveloped post injury to enable a swift return to sport specific training and competition.


Physiotherapy plays a key role in injury assessment and treatment, injury prevention, performance enhancement and body awareness. These factors are all essential to your overall development and progress towards peak performance. As an athlete it is important that you understand how physiotherapy and medical support can impact in ways other than just as a reaction to injury. Through screening you can identify and address areas of weakness or imbalance before they risk injury or influence performance. Physiotherapy also includes sports massage that can be used very effectively to aid the recovery process from periods of heavy training or competition. Physiotherapy also plays a key part in your athlete education – covering areas such as travel issues, doping control, injury prevention and sports specific needs.

TASS medical scheme

The TASS Medical Scheme is administered by Health Partners and entitles athletes to claim for private treatment resulting from a sporting injury. Please note, it is your responsibility to gain authorisation from the insurance company prior to any treatment or investigation.

TASS partner with Sporting Chance to provide mental health and wellbeing support to athletes. TASS-supported athletes have access to a 24-hour helpline 07500 000777. If further clinical support is required, Sporting Chance will make this referral.