A TASS lifestyle practitioner meets with an athlete (Credit: Sport England/Andy Thompson)

TASS works alongside a national network of performance sport experts toprovide support services to talented athletes in education.

The network consists of more than 300 practitioners based at 33 TASS Delivery Sites across the country, in addition to dozens of professionals from TASS Dual Career Accredited Sites.

Our practitioners deliver the five disciplines that make up our athletes’ package of support: lifestyle, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, psychology, and nutrition.

We’re dedicated to developing the network and the social, technical and applied knowledge of our practitioners in order to better support our student athletes.

This is achieved through training courses and workshops which are designed to enhance the practitioners’ knowledge and skills in supporting athetes in education.

These practices contribute to the continuing professional development (CPD) of our practitioners and ensure that they can practice safely, effectively and legally.

If you’re a TASS practitioner who would like more information about CPD opportunities, please contact ralph.appleby@tass.gov.uk 

The Level 3 Certificate in Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (TALS) qualification has been specifically developed in partnership with 1st4sport Qualifications.

Attendees receive an introduction to the principles and practice of supporting and advising talented athletes in education, as well as managing their personal development and lifestyle.

The qualification provides the theoretical and practical foundation for any individual advising or mentoring talented athletes and is a requirement for delivering lifestyle support as part of TASS.

Current TALS deliverers are TASS, Team Bath, St Mary’s University and Leeds Beckett University. For more information, please contact info@tass.gov.uk

The Talented Athlete Support in Transitions and Education (TASTE) course has been designed to equip both sixth forms/colleges and universities with the expertise and skills to implement a dual career structure to support students in studies and sport.

We aim to empower attendees through building their awareness of current dual career athlete demands, challenges and key transitions.

The course will develop the individuals’ skills to facilitate and lead an environment aligned to the TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme.