Dual Career Accreditation Scheme

The TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme invites institutions, both college/sixth forms and universities, to apply to become TASS Dual Career Accredited Centres.

These centres are not accredited based on core service delivery, like our existing 27 delivery sites, but rather based on their ability to support talented athletes on the academic side of their development.

The Scheme expects a certain level of academic flexibility and understanding that allows talented athletes to balance their studies with a hectic sporting schedule.

Accreditation benefits the institution by formally recognising their commitment to supporting student-athletes, subsequently having the potential to attract future talent.

Currently there are a number of sixth forms or colleges from across the country who are ‘working towards’ the Accredited status, including Millfield School, TyneMet College, Wakefield College and Loughborough College.

In addition to this, TASS is overseeing a pilot of six universities who are aiming to meet the Dual Career Accreditation criteria. These are Southampton Solent University, Sheffield Hallam, University of Bath, Canterbury Christ Church and Newcastle University.

If you feel that the TASS Dual Career Accreditation is of interest to your institution and reflects your institution’s ethos, mission statement and culture then please contact Kirsty O’Connor kirsty.oconnor@tass.gov.uk.