ATHLETES AT TASS ACCREDITED SITES empowered to make the right ‘next steps’ decisions

Athletes at the countries’ TASS Dual Career Accredited Sites have been given the opportunity to learn more about what could be next for them and how universities could support their sporting ambitions.

Many student-athletes and their Dual Career Coordinators have attended events organised by TASS to bring the next steps to life. In an attempt to be accessible to as many TASS Dual Career Accredited Sites as possible, these events have been held at the University of Leeds, The University of Worcester and The University of Winchester, where these rising young sports stars were given a taster of the support and facilities that TASS athletes can access.

The dual career athletes, who excel in a variety of sports, attended workshops which gave a snapshot of the kind of support they would receive as a TASS Dual Career athlete. Psychology workshops included important areas of goal setting and managing anxiety whilst the nutrition session explained the dangers of under-fuelling and helped athletes to understand high and low GI foods.

The floor was then opened to universities who were happy to discuss what they could offer to student athletes who decide to study with them. Athletes made the most of the opportunity to discuss their specific requirements and any concerns with a number of universities.

Kirsty Field, TASS Head of Network said:  

‘Since the first events that TASS organised for athletes and coordinators at our FE TASS Dual Career sites, we have enhanced the day. As well as the athlete-focused workshops, these young dual-career athletes now have a unique opportunity to discuss their aspirations and needs one-to-one with university (and other higher education alternative) representatives who can explain how they would be supported should they choose that path. We’ve been thrilled with the feedback from these events and are confident that we’re empowering athletes to make the right decisions for their next steps.’

TASS Dual Career Accreditation is awarded on the basis of an institution’s ability to support students with a menu of academic flexibility options. These athletes are currently studying at schools and colleges which have been recognised by TASS’s national Dual Career Accreditation Scheme, which assesses their commitment to support dual career athletes who are in full-time education. 

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