MEET the tass stars of 2022 – Athlete of the Year – Tin-Tin Ho

Table tennis star Tin-Tin Ho was a key member of England’s Commonwealth Games squad this summer but didn’t stop there…gaining first class honours after completing her Medical Sciences degree. We caught up with a student athlete whose dedication to her sport and to her studies ensured she was a worthy winner of the 2022 TASS Stars Athlete Of The Year award.

TASS: How does it feel to be a TASS Stars award winner?

Tin-Tin Ho: I’m very happy to be TASS Stars award winner! It’s encouraging and nice to be recognised.

A wooden award in the shape of a five pointed start says the words Tass Stars 2022, Athlete of the Year, Tin-Tin Ho


TASS: What does it mean to be recognised in this way?

T-T H: It’s been hard to balance my studies alongside table tennis so it’s humbling to know that my effort has been acknowledged.

TASS: Can you describe the benefit of TASS support on your career?

T-T H: TASS has always supported me with S&C sessions and sport psychology sessions. That’s enabled me to continue improving my table tennis without having to worry about privately organising those aspects of my life.

TASS: Can you summarise the highs and lows of the last 12 months?

T-T H: My lows were the final of the National Championships, trying to manage placements alongside training and the quarter-finals of Commonwealth Games in mixed doubles. My highs were beating the world number 66 at the European Championships and competing at the Commonwealth Games. I also received my Bachelor of Medical Sciences (BMedSci) degree with First Class honours and won the Barts Prize for outstanding achievement in third year.

TASS: How have you grown as an athlete and as a person during that time?

T-T H: I’ve learnt a lot about myself, about my values and the type of person I would like to be. I’ve also learnt about my game and become attuned to the thoughts that crop up during matches and training. I still have a lot of growing to do but I’m gradually learning how to be more relaxed in matches.

TASS: What challenges do you foresee during the next 12 months?

T-T H: It will be similar to this year in terms of my table tennis. It will be the same pressure when it comes to competing and trying to improve my ranking.

TASS: Who continues to inspire you to achieve your goals and why?

T-T H: Many different people inspire me. My family (parents and brother) inspire me to work hard and to give the best in anything I do. My team-mates inspire me to keep improving and to keep believing in my abilities.

Whilst balancing a full-time medical degree (in her third year at the University of Nottingham), Tin-Tin qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Commonwealth Games.