MEET THE TASS STARS OF 2022 – Most Committed – Jamie Ingram

Back in August, we were thrilled to be able to hold an in-person event where we could meet many of the athletes who had been nominated for a TASS Star Award. One of those winning athletes was Jamie Ingram, who was named as ‘Most Committed Athlete’.
We’ve spoken to all of the winning athletes to find out what this meant to them – here’s what Jamie had to say:
Jamie Ingram has shown dedication to both his sport and his studies in 2022 as he prepares to swim full time for the first time. We caught up with the winner of this year’s Most Committed Athlete prize at the 2022 TASS Stars awards.

TASS: How does it feel to be a TASS Stars award winner?

Jamie Ingram: It feels great. I dedicate my whole life to my swimming and to be recognised for that by people who see the highest level athletes every year is very meaningful!

TASS: What does it mean to be recognised in this way?

JI: The recognition means a lot considering the amount of effort I’ve put into my swimming for the past five years of my TASS support. The awards ceremony was immediately after the Commonwealth Games so to win the award capped off a great summer and season.

TASS: Can you describe how you have benefitted from TASS support?

JI: It’s been great for the past few years! I’ve utilised the physio support which has helped me to improve my mobility and therefore I can achieve (and maintain) more optimal positions in the water and swim faster! I’ve also used the lifestyle support a lot in preparation for life after my degree has finished.

TASS: Can you sum up the highs and lows of the last 12 months?

JI: After two years of disrupted training due to Covid, this year has had many more highs than lows. I finished on the podium at the British Championships for the first time, which resulted in my selection for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. In Birmingham I improved my individual ranking significantly to qualify for the final and won a silver medal as part of the Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay!

TASS: How have you grown as an athlete and a person during that time?

JI: The Commonwealth Games was my first ever international selection so I’ve gained a wealth of experience when it comes to how these kinds of events are run. These are lessons I can use in the future when I make other teams. I feel that, as a person, I’ve grown in confidence and I have a sense of belonging on the world stage that I previously lacked.

Jamie receiving his award from triathlete Georgia Taylor-Brown

TASS: What challenges do you foresee during the next 12 months?

JI: The biggest challenge is that I finished my degree in the summer, so now I’m attempting to swim full time. This means that I’ve lost the mental outlet provided by university which I need to find some way of replacing.

TASS: What are your goals for the next season?

JI: My goals for the 2022/23 season are to swim 100m butterfly under 51.4 seconds and to qualify for the World Championships team.

TASS: Who continues to inspire you to achieve your goals and why?

JI: I’m inspired by my whole training group to achieve my goals. We have a very talented and hardworking group of athletes in Manchester as well as coaches who share our determination to be better.

Jamie has shown great determination in pursuing his swimming career and achieving his goals in the pool but also in striving to gain top marks in his Masters degree in Maths. He’s also involved in online tutoring in maths — supporting GCSE and A Level students with their studies. Selected for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Jamie came away with a relay silver and will now turn his attention to swimming full time.