TASS Stars Come Into Focus

A record number of nominations for the 2022 TASS Stars Awards means the competition’s never been hotter in our search for this year’s big successes.

Last month we asked the wider TASS community to identify the nation’s most inspirational stories and aspirational athletes.

And once again we were inundated with examples of top-class talent doing the dual career pathway proud. Our judges have shortlisted the leading candidates across all five categories within the 2022 awards. And the winners will be revealed in Birmingham next month during TASS’s Commonwealth Games takeover.

Alison Brown, National Lead for Athlete Support, said: “It’s always gratifying to hear about our athletes’ successes and achievements and TASS Stars gives us the opportunity to do this.

“We’re so pleased to have received so many nominations for our TASS Stars Awards this year. It’s testament to the hard work of our athletes during what’s been another unusual year.”

The following athletes have been shortlisted for a 2022 TASS Stars Award:


Most Determined — Awarded to a TASS athlete who has overcome challenges or demonstrated resilience in order to pursue their sport and/or study.

Lois Jackson – Alpine Skiing, Northumbria

Michael Holden – Rugby League, Gloucester

Megan Smithson-Booth – Goalball, RNC

Jason Rolph – Boccia, Cambridge


Most Inspirational — Awarded to a TASS athlete who possesses infectious enthusiasm and a positive attitude, has shown creativity in their sport and/or study, and/or has demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship.

Lauren Janney – Shooting (Army), Aldershot

Rainbow Mbuangi – Para Football, LJMU

Abbie Breakwell – Wheelchair Tennis, Loughborough


Most Committed — Awarded to a TASS athlete who has shown dedication to both study and sport, including excellent time management and efficiency in balancing demands.

Alexandra Powell – Fencing, Manchester Metropolitan Uni

Jamie Ingram – Swimming, University of Manchester

Alex Eckley – Rugby League, LJMU

Joaquin Bello – Beach Volleyball, Kings College London


Most Potential — Awarded to a TASS athlete who is deemed to be a “one to watch” in the future in either their sport and/or study.

Arthur Farley – Sailing, Southampton

Olivia Holmes – Boxing, LJMU

William Deary – Fencing, King’s College London

Aliyah Zaranyika – Netball, Hertfordshire


Athlete of the Year — Awarded to a TASS athlete in recognition of their outstanding achievement this year in their sport and/or study.

Florence Brellisford – Sailing, Exeter

Tin-Tin Ho – Table Tennis, Nottingham

Abbie Breakwell – Wheelchair Tennis, Loughborough

Kerenza Bryson – Modern Pentathlon (Army), Exeter

The winners in each category will be revealed in an event this week at the Commonwealth Games.