Team TAAG are ready for action!

The TASS Athlete Advisory Group (TAAG) is excited for the year ahead. Made up, as always, of a range of athletes from across the TASS network, the group is looking forward to giving their voice to the current and future work of TASS.  

Chaired by Becky Wilde, a TASS alumni in her second year in the role, the group boasts athletes from 9 different sports and 8 different TDS (TASS Delivery Sites) sites. For the first time this year TAAG has expanded to include younger athletes, with the aim to better understand the needs of those still in school or college.  

Becky is a rower from the University of Bath, currently training on the British Rowing World Class Start Programme. She is joined by two other alumni members, Rachelle Rogers and Calum Johnson. Rachelle is a veteran of TAAG and the former Alpine Skier is now a pilot, who maintains contact with sport by  volunteering with Snowsport England. Calum, a former triathlete and now long-distance runner, is a new addition to the group. Having been on TASS for 6 years, two in Newcastle whilst studying his A levels and four at Leeds Beckett whilst studying Accounting and Finance, he has a wealth of experience to offer TAAG: 

‘I wanted to join TAAG because I am extremely passionate about TASS and helping others to become the best they can be; whether that’s in their chosen sport, at University or in a job.  

My favourite part about being on TASS was sharing the experience with other TASS athletes and working alongside them to get the best out of ourselves 

TAAG will give me that opportunity to help others. It will allow me to work with other TAAG members in order to share knowledge and experience in supporting other athletes and make TASS even better.’ 

One of the returning TAAG members is Phoebe Hayden (Rowing at University of Bath). The Health and Exercise student is keen to stress the importance of the group:  

‘TAAG is really important; to be supported well TASS need to know exactly how we need to be supported. It really feels like our opinions are valued and acted upon. I have enjoyed my time on TAAG so far!’ 

One of the athletes studying at school/sixth form college is Liam Spinks, a futsal player supported by Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst studying Biology, Sport and Exercise Science and Psychology A Levels.  

‘TASS has supported me significantly within both my studies and sport. Applying to TAAG gives me the opportunity to supply athletes with the best network of support and be a point of contact if needed.  

Being a TASS athlete in school allows me to be seen as a role model to others and I can provide advice on how colleges could provide a platform to support sporting students.’ 

Last year TAAG helped navigate the ever-changing challenges of lockdown and Covid, helping initiate TASS Team Talks amongst other things. In 2022 the group will continue to add their voice to these projects and play their part in TASS’ continued development.  

TAAG 2021-2022: 

Arthur Leech (Sprint Canoe, University of Nottingham)
Jennie Roberts (Windsurfing, University of Southampton )
Skip Snelson (Triathlon, Loughborough University)
Adaoha Akwiwu (Rugby Union, University of Leeds)
Markus Kadrnka (Alpine Skiing, University of Surrey)
Liam Spinks (Futsal, Manchester Metropolitan University)
China Kill (Rugby Union, University of Bath)
Jason Rolph (Boccia, University of Cambridge)
Michael Holden (Rugby League, University of Gloucester)
Rachelle Rogers (alumni member, former alpine skier, University of Surrey)
Calum Johnson (alumni member, former triathlete, Leeds Beckett University)
Becky Wilde (TAAG Chair, Rowing, University of Bath)