Talented Athletes begin their journey at North Lindsey College with TASS

North Lindsey College has seen its biggest intake of talented athletes across the curriculum to date, supported through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

The College is proud to support eight students currently on the TASS programme and this year has seen a range of sports represented including golf, boxing, Paralympic swimming, cross-country running and dancing.

One of the student-athletes is dancer Alessia Andriana, who also studies Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science. Alessia recently competed in the International Championships for Latin American Dance and competed in the ‘Amateur Rising Star’ against 200 couples where she ranked in the top 48 in the world.

In the future Alessia would like to go to university and follow her dream to become a physiotherapist and own her own dance school. She is full of praise for North Lindsey College:

‘The tutors are amazing, I wasn’t expecting them to be so accommodating. They are hands-on especially with my assignments. I would recommend this college all the way. They are so supportive, if I can’t meet a deadline which has been set then we have a meeting, and they will set another target. They are extremely flexible and adaptable.’

And this is exactly what they’re aiming for, as explained by Curriculum Leader in Sport, Ian Hamilton:

‘At North Lindsey College, it’s our aim to ensure we provide a flexible and bespoke curriculum to all our dual career athletes. We want to give them the best opportunity to succeed in their sport whilst also gaining their qualification.’

The College has been a TASS Dual Career Accredited Institution since November 2019, when boxer Gemma Richardson was supported. Gemma now fights in the under 22 category, is five-times National Champion, three-times European Champion, AIBA World Champion and England International boxer. The College helped Gemma to balance her studies whilst making allowances for her to be the best in a competitive sport which requires commitment and determination.

Any student at North Lindsey College, from any curriculum area can access TASS support.


TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme 

The Dual Career Accreditation Scheme was established in 2016 and allows any further or higher education institution to apply to become a TASS Dual Career Accredited Site. This accreditation focusses on an institution’s ability to provide academic support and flexibility to their student-athletes. 

To find out more about the TASS Dual Career Accreditation Scheme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnScFrpzCfo&feature=youtu.be