TASS Stars Ready To Shine

The dust has barely settled on an inspirational Olympic Games in Japan where scores of TASS athletes past and present made their mark in Tokyo.

But it’s already time to look to the future as we shine the spotlight on the next generation of dual career movers and shakers.

After a record number of nominations for the 2021 TASS Stars awards we’ve whittled down our shortlist to 18 athletes (all supported by TASS) across five hugely competitive categories.

And the quality and depth of this year’s field reinforces the view that English sport has rarely been in ruder health!

Shortlisted athletes span sports from bobsleigh to para football and sailing to squash.

There’s recognition for sheer determination and the ability to inspire — as well as standout success.

And we’ve focused on TASS athletes who have demonstrated incredible commitment and potential during another challenging year.

Nominations were invited from sports’ National Governing Bodies, TASS Delivery Sites, coaches, team-mates, parents and the athletes themselves.

The five categories are chosen to celebrate the attributes of a dual career athlete: Most Determined, Most Inspirational, Most Committed, Most Potential and Athlete of the Year.

An external judging panel considered this year’s record entry before settling on the shortlisted athletes.

Judges included triple jumper Naomi Ogbeta — named Most Inspirational athlete at the 2017 TASS Stars awards — Becky Wilde (chair of the Talented Athlete Advisory Group) and Guy Taylor (National Director, TASS).

The 2021 TASS Stars shortlisted athletes are as follows:

Most Determined

Olivia Holmes (Boxing)

Harriet Knowles-Jones (Athletics)

Georgia Pexton (Netball)

Liam Spinks (Para Football)


Most Inspirational

Rohan Bhuhi (Hockey)

Lamin Deen (Bobsleigh)

Liam Spinks (Para football)


Most Committed

Sephora Ford (Diving)

Olivia Holmes (Boxing)

Saran Nghiem (Squash)

Chloe Robyns-Landricombe (Judo)


Most Potential

Freya Black (Sailing)

Yasmin Campbell (Fencing)

Funmi Fadoju (Netball)

Saran Nghiem (Squash)


Athlete of the Year

Amy Carter (Netball)

Fiona Crackles (Hockey)

Tom Smith (Para Powerlifting)

Thank you everyone who took the time to nominate an athlete for a TASS Stars Award. Winners will be announced at noon on Wednesday via the TASS Twitter account (@TalentedAthlete).