A Day in the Life – in Athlete Lockdown, with footballer Charlotte Newsham


Name: Charlotte Newsham 

Studying: Physiotherapy degree at the University of Liverpool 

Sport: Football at Manchester United Academy 


Charlotte (left) in action on the pitch

5:30am Get up for work 

6:00am – 1:00pm Work – to add structure to my day, and earn some money, I found a job working on a production line, making pizzas. I’ve always been too busy with football and education to have a job before. I am enjoying it and it’s an easy way of making money. 

1:00pm Lunch – The football club has set a weekly nutrition challenge and this week it was chicken stir fry. I have been trying to make meals that I’ll be able to do when back at university like chilli con carne and lasagne. I’ve also been baking with my sister who has learning difficulties, so far we’ve made flapjacks and brownies! 

3:00pm Training – pitch based session – We have been given a set programme from our S&C coach at Man United and I feedback what I’ve done each day. I’ve been doing the pitch-based session on a field near my home. I sometimes cycle there with my sister as she likes to watch.  

4:00pm Training – this is an individual gym session set by the club, based on equipment we have at home.  

5:00pm Recovery and complete a challenge set by club eg mental well-being task 

6:30pm Evening meal 

7:00pm  Uni work and chill time with family as don’t normally have much family time when at university.  


Lockdown Positives 

  • Saving money on food and on petrol as I would normally be travelling 350 miles a week to training and back whereas now I’m travelling 1 mile down the road to the pitch.  
  • I’m getting to spend time with my family which I don’t normally get to do much!  
  • I’m normally known as a person who never stops or sits still for more than a minute so it’s good to be able to have more rest and recovery time as this is important! 

Charlotte’s Top Tip  

  • It is essential to have a plan and structure to your day as it helps maintain a good mental wellbeing and ensures that both football performance and university work is maintained.