A Day in the Life – in Athlete Lockdown, with badminton player Isaak Dalglish


Name: Isaak Dalglish 

Studying: Sports Coaching and Development Degree. 

Sport: Badminton


Isaak in winning mode


8:00am: Wake up, kettle on, coffee with a dash of milk and two sugars with an omelette!

9:00am: Footwork session on zoom with the coaches, tend to be outside with the nice weather!

11:00am: Uni work with dissertation and final presentations to be done. Accompanied by a kit kat and a coffee.

2:00pm: Zoom catch up with all the team, have a nice chat keep the positive vibes going, some good banter flown about.

3:00pm: Try and do some wall hitting with shuttles, keeping on top with reaction work, racket skills.

5:00pm: Go for a walk, clear the head, get the tunes flowing, favourite artist Young T and Bugsey

7:00pm: Continue with uni work, or go on the xbox and turn everyone over on Call of Duty, especially my Strength and Conditioning Coach.