Chloe goes for Golding at World University Games in Naples

Manchester-based swimmer Chloe Golding in action (Credit: MMU Sport)

Chloe Golding is one of 22 current and former TASS athletes chasing glory at this month’s World Student Games – the 30th Summer Universiade – in Naples. We caught up with the British swimmer looking to make a splash in Italy this summer.

TASS: With less than a week to go until the Summer Universiade how do you feel?

CG: I’m really excited about World University Games. It’s a great racing opportunity and I know I can take it on and race fast.

TASS: Can you detail your preparations since the turn of the year in terms of training and competitions?

CG: Our selection meet for this games was in April so since then I’ve been getting lots of hard work in as well as race-specific practice which I can put into place in July.

TASS: How competitive do you expect the 200m backstroke field to be – and are you competing in any other distances?

CG: All of the events will be competitive at this level. A lot of countries have great depth in this event so the swimmers who aren’t attending the world championships can still be in the world top 10. It’s just good to get experience racing in a strong field! I’ll also be racing the 100m backstroke which is the day after the 200m final.

TASS: Are you aware that the mascot in Naples is a mermaid (Partenope) – is this a good omen for the swimmers?

CG: Yes – I think she is adorable. Hopefully the swimming link will help us swim fast!

TASS: Have you visited Italy before and what are you looking forward to most away from the pool?

CG: I’ve never been to Italy before and after racing we have a couple of days there so hopefully I’ll get chance to try some pizza and gelato! We’re staying on a cruise ship in Naples so hopefully I can get out on the deck as well as have a look around the city and make the most of the sun.

TASS: Is Naples a key staging post on the road to Birmingham 2022 and how excited are you to be working towards a home Commonwealth Games?

CG: Yes, I think that all international racing experience is helpful in preparation for a big meet as it’s important to get out of your comfort zone! I’m so excited for 2022 – I’m originally from the Midlands so it will be so great to race there if I get the chance.

TASS: Can you describe your experience on the Gold Coast last year – what were the highlights?

CG: The Gold Coast was an amazing place for my first Commonwealth Games. The village, competition venue and holding camp were all such fantastic facilities but I feel as though I might have been overwhelmed by a lot of it. I wasn’t myself when I raced and it showed! I learnt a lot from the experience and feel as though I now know how to deal with my emotions in a games environment. Hopefully I can put this into practice at the World Uni Games. But it was great to watch different sports when we were on the Gold Coast and support Team England – as well as making the most of the Aussie weather and beaches!

TASS: Is Tokyo 2020 a realistic target or do you feel next year’s Olympics might come too soon?

CG: Tokyo is definitely the target for me next year and I think it’s realistic as I know I have – and will continue to – put the work in to get there.

TASS: How did you enjoy your Sports Science degree at Manchester Metropolitan University?

CG: My degree at MMU was really good. I learnt so much through a combination of practical and classroom-based learning and I’m so happy that I’ve now graduated with a first class degree!

TASS: How challenging can it be juggling performance sport with full-time studies?

CG: It can be tough but the key is just to be organised and not leave everything until the last minute. Communication with coaches and lecturers or tutors is key to getting the most out of both sport and university.

TASS: Can you describe how TASS support makes a difference to you?

CG: TASS has been really supportive with providing funding, physio and lifestyle support this year at MMU. This has helped me plan and organise my year, as well as work on injury prevention and strengthening exercises with physios.

TASS: Away from your swimming and studies what do you enjoy doing most during any downtime (if you have any!)?

CG: I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes for meals and snacks. At the weekends on a Sunday sometimes you just need to binge on Netflix series!

TASS: Beyond Naples 2019 what are your targets for the remainder of 2019?

CG: I’ll have a couple of weeks off over the summer before returning back to training. As a start of season training camp we are heading to Tuscany for a week, which I’m really excited about! I’ll usually have quite a bit of racing before Christmas as well as a lot of hard aerobic and VO2 work to get fitness back up before the cycle heading into the Tokyo trials.

*The 2019 Summer Universiade begins on July 3 and the TASS-supported athletes representing Great Britain in Naples are as follows:


  • Philippa Taylor (12/13, 13/14, 14/15)
  • Stuart Taylor (09/10, 10/11)


  • Taylor Campbell (14/15)
  • Nicholas Percy (11/12, 12/13, 13/14)
  • Jessica Hunter (18/19)


  • Millie Fowler (14/15, 15/16)
  • Kayleigh Sinclair (15/16, 16/17)


  • Harry Bird (17/18)
  • Dominic De Almeida (18/19)
  • Alexander Lloyd (13/14)
  • Will Deary (17/18)
  • Danielle Lawson (18/19)


  • Chloe Golding (18/19)
  • Joe Litchfield (14/15)

Table tennis

  • Emily Bolton (18/19)
  • Tin-Tin Ho (16/17, 18/19)
  • Joshua Bennett (18/19)
  • Helshan Weerasinghe (17/18)

Water polo

  • Lewis Daly (14/15)
  • Jordan Elliot (16/17)
  • Daniel Paddon (16/17)
  • Aaron Winstanley (16/17)