Introducing Luke Allen: Meet newest TASS team member


TASS is welcoming new recruit Luke Allen to the team as Army Hub Co-ordinator and Lifestyle Practitioner.

Based in Aldershot and across the south east region, he will be responsible for supporting many of the Army dual career athletes on the Scheme.

Allen joins the organisation from his previous role as Talent Coach at Step By Step, a charity that supports young people experiencing hard times.

Having spent a year as a Sports Development Officer at a Chinese International School and with lifelong friends like Olympic boxer, Anthony Ogogo, his experience will be invaluable in the newly created role.

The keen runner reveals what he’s looking forward to about working with TASS and shares his advice for new TASS athletes balancing a dual career.

Tell us about your new role with TASS.

My role involves coordinating the TASS core services at the Army Hub in Aldershot whilst also providing Lifestyle support to the athletes on the programme. The Hub supports the Army Boxing Team, Troops to Targets shooting team and a number of individual athletes from Alpine Skiing, Athletics and Cycling. I wanted to work for TASS to have day to day contact with athletes and support the delivery of Lifestyle support across the TASS network.

What did you do before joining TASS?

Step By Step is a charity supporting young people facing issues like homelessness, mental health, a lack of employability skills and drugs and alcohol addictions. I worked largely on a 1-1 basis and took an asset-based approach to identifying aspirations, setting goals and action planning to support their progression. One of the best experiences was seeing a young person take ownership over their situation following a family breakdown which impacted their mental health, school attendance and school work. The young person recognised what was needed in order to progress, owning the solution to make positive decisions about their future.

What is the most important aspect of your role?

At the moment the most important element is ensuring the Army athletes are supported by the practitioners at the Hub in Aldershot, in order to support their well-being and progression to towards their individual and team goals. It’s a great programme with lots of potential for the future.

Why are you passionate about dual career support?

As an athlete at university I didn’t manage my commitments as well as I should have done. I think this had an impact on my application to training and performance, my general well-being and my overall university experience. Thats why I feel passionate about supporting athletes to manage their commitment alongside their sporting education/working application to achieve the best result possible in all areas.

What’s your best advice for new TASS athletes?

Engage with all the services on offer. If you have not had any prior experience of the working with practitioners in S&C, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Lifestyle then use this year as a chance to find out how they could support you!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Athletics is my main sport as I tend to run a lot and enjoy racing. Call it crazy but for me there’s not many things that can top pushing the limits on race day! If I’m not running or racing, I enjoy listening to a bit of classical music on the vinyl player.

Which athletes do you admire and why? 

Muhammad Ali has always been someone I have looked up to as an athlete and a person. He stood for what he believed in whilst pursuing an ambition to be the greatest boxer in the world. It’s that ability to become fixated on a goal and create a vision that makes me stand still and take notice. When you see or meet an athlete or anyone from any walk of life who has a vision, it makes you take notice and follow the journey!

What is your dream job?

Other than the one I have now?! To be a pianist…I just need to start learning to actually play the piano!

To contact Luke Allen, please email