Talented athlete advisory group seeks new recruits

Members of the 2016/17 TAAG share their experiences: James Robson, Emma Vickers, Issa Batrane, Adam Freeman, Mo Adepoju & Jonny Jones

The TASS Athletes’ Advisory Group (TAAG) was formed last September with the aim to be the ‘voice’ of the TASS athlete community.

Chaired by weightlifter and TASS alumna Sarah Davies, the representatives have been contributing their recommendations and suggestions about how to improve delivery of the dual career scheme.

And now TASS are looking to recruit a number of new TAAG members to join the group for the coming academic year (2017/18).

Sarah Davies reflects on the first year of working alongside the TAAG: “It’s been a very successful year. The group wasted no time in sharing their views on the TASS programme, what they think works and what needs to be improved from an athlete’s perspective.”

“The highlight of the year for me was when the group attended the TASS Network Day where they were able to meet contacts from every NGB and Delivery Site.

“The TAAG were excellent at communicating their thoughts about how all parties can work together for the same ultimate end goal of our athletes achieving a successful dual career.

“I’ve been really impressed with the commitment the TAAG have put into their role with some members actually travelling overseas to help TASS with the delivery of dual career awareness.

“A real benefit for the current TAAG has been the opportunity for them to meet athletes from other sports at different institutions, as well as network within the wider sporting community.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to further develop the group next year by welcoming new members and I encourage anyone who thinks they could benefit the group to apply.”

Jack Grundy, TASS Athlete Support and Education Lead, added: “The impact of the group has been huge, as for a first time we have had an athlete voice.

“The TAAG has proven to be a great way to test future ideas, receive group feedback from our delivery sites and a chance to complete the puzzle when sitting down with NGBs and institutions.

“One of their biggest achievements was representing the athletes at the NGB and institute Network Day which helped develop the delivery and partnerships for the future academic year.

“The TAAG creates the chance for the TASS team to connect with current athletes and more importantly, a fantastic opportunity for athletes to develop new skills for the future.

“We’re really proud of what the TAAG have achieved this year and are looking forward to building on what we have learnt and creating more opportunities for athletes next year.”

*Please note applications for 2017/18 are now closed*