Lifestyle practitioner group to advise on dual career service


An expert group of TASS practitioners has been selected to become the voice of the Lifestyle discipline within the education sector.

The TASS Lifestyle Advisory Group was formed to forge a pathway to progress in an area crucial to student-athletes balancing the demands of education and elite sport.

A key focus for TASS since their inaugural Lifestyle Conference in February, the Scheme has been keen to establish the group to keep the momentum gained at the event going.

The chosen individuals, who are based at education institutes across the country, came together for the first time yesterday to get the initiative underway.

All qualified to deliver Lifestyle support to talented student-athletes at their respective TASS Delivery Sites, the practitioners will bring a wealth of experience to the group.

The nine representatives work closely with scholars aged 16 plus across almost 30 different sports to help them cope with the challenges arising from studying alongside their sport.

With a strong emphasis on athlete wellbeing and welfare, it’s hoped that the professionals’ practical knowledge will help to proactively advance and improve the service.

The advisory group will also feedback information regionally, support other practitioners, share best practice across the network and advise the TASS management board.

Education and Development Manager (Performance Sport) at Loughborough University, Simon Wombwell, explained:

“The TASS Lifestyle Advisory Group is an excellent forum to reflect on best practice within our sector and tackle some of the challenges we face.

“In particular, when looking to demonstrate the positive holistic performance impact of our service within a dual career setting.”

Elizabeth Egan, Personal Development & Lifestyle Advisor, added: “It was really nice to spend a few hours with an enthusiastic bunch of people discussing Performance Lifestyle.

I left inspired and motivated to continue to improve my own personal delivery, and even got some new ideas I can incorporate into my own workshops and consultations!”

Craig Williams, TASS Network Manager, is the brainchild behind the advisory group. He said: “It was great to get the expertise of our practitioners together and start to shape the discipline of lifestyle moving forward.”

Lifestyle Advisory Group members:

  • Simon Wombwell (Loughborough University)
  • Elizabeth Egan (University of East London)
  • Callum Jones (Manchester Metropolitan University)
  • Helen Roberts (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Ruth Owen Evans (Hartpury College & University)
  • David Bond (Leeds University)
  • Suzi Newton (Newcastle University)
  • Tom Drewett (University of Birmingham)
  • Imogen Greatbatch (University of Manchester)