Blog: Trio of TASS practitioners share S&C conference experience


The focus of the recent Wasps Academy Strength and Conditioning was clear with a comprehensive list of expert speakers in the field on the programme.

A threesome of practitioners from the TASS network – Lee Kirk, Wayne Pattinson and Alan Pope – are now reflecting on their key learnings from the event.

The programme for the conference held at the Ricoh Arena included presentations from the following industry professionals:

  • Dr Graeme Close – England Rugby Nutrition Consultant, Professor of Human Physiology Liverpool John Moores University
  • Nick Winkleman – IRFU Head of Athletic Performance & Science
  • Des Ryan – Arsenal FC Head of Sports Medicine & Athletic Development
  • Jonas Dodoo – Head Coach at Speed Works
  • Dan Lewindon – Head of Performance Science & Medicine The LTA

Lee Kirk BSc(Hons) ASCC CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Coach at University of Exeter has shared his feedback:

Nick Winkleman: What we say matters
⁃          The more NOVEL and PERSONALLY important the cue is, the more likely you are to add it to short term memory
⁃          Relate cues to what is important to your athletes in relation to their sport
⁃          Say the MOST with the LEAST

Nick Winkleman: Coach like a caveman
⁃          Learn as much as possible through implicit (IMP) learning without cueing
⁃          Once learning slows, increase explicit (EXP) learning
⁃          If cues don’t work, change the environment
⁃          Constrain the drill to increase possibility of new movement pattern

Dan Lewindon: Integrated rehab
–          Inclusive strategy, player centred
–          Not your player or decision in isolation
–          Language and communication are crucial
–          Mistakes happen – reflection is key

Dr Graeme Close: Sports nutrition
–          Energy demands reduces dramatically as game day approaches
–          Create deficits at the beginning of the week to accommodate the loading at the end of the week – avoid weight gain
–          Time when player isn’t being tracked is of huge importance
–          The performance nutrition tree – pick low hanging fruit first!

For more information about TASS practitioners or CPD opportunities, please contact Network Manager, Craig Williams.