TASS has launched an exciting new partnership with The British Army, which will support the current Army Elite Sports Programme (AESP) in its aim to produce Olympic stars of the future.

More than 30 talented Army athletes will now receive help from TASS, through access to tailored services such as psychology, strength and conditioning and lifestyle advice.

The services will be received at TASS Accredited Delivery Sites, close to major Army garrisons and unit locations, giving Army athletes the opportunity to achieve the very best from their sporting ability whilst maintaining a balance with their Army careers.

This collaborative venture aims to uncover and develop more medal-winning British Olympians from within the Army’s ranks for Tokyo 2020 and beyond.

The initiative has the backing of Double Olympic Rowing Champion – and former TASSathlete – Major Heather Stanning who visited the athletes at the Army School of Physical Training on Friday.

Major Stanning gave an inspiring talk to the group of youngsters against a backdrop of personal photographs from her career, including images from her recent success in Rio.

The Double Olympian described her pathway into the Army as well as into elite sports, having discovered rowing whilst at the University of Bath, relatively late in her athletic career.

Major Stanning was supported by TASS in 2005/06 during her studies, embracing every opportunity that she was given.

“I most benefitted from the TASS Medical Scheme, as the service helped me to recover quickly following a knee op” she said.

“But the ‘education of training’ I received was also really beneficial. In fact, the first time I ever saw a physio was while I was on TASS”.

The Olympian was also ambitious in her Army career and worked hard to reach the rank of Major: “I used my three weeks leave to return to the regiment as I felt it was important to do so.”

The inspirational rower left the young Army athletes with one final message:

“Consistency in training equals consistency in performance and results. Take chances and never forget the people who have supported you.”

Major Heather Stanning is just one athlete who was excited about the new partnership; another is Lance Corporal Leonora Brajshori who has been undertaking a TASS Army pilot scheme.

Brajshori explained how the programme has already made a difference to her performance.

“Since starting with TASS in March this year I’ve been benefitting from regular physio and sports massage sessions once a week.

“As I’m in the process of transitioning from competing in Power Lifting to Weight Lifting, these sessions have really helped with recovery and preventing injury in my shoulders” she added.

In addition to training at Cambridge University and competing in her sport, Lance Corporal Leonora Brajshori is also a Geographic Technician in the Royal Engineers.

Brajshori’s athletic potential was first discovered through the Girls4Gold Army Talent Identification campaign.

Her next goal is to qualify for the English Nationals followed by the British Nationals, with the hope to eventually compete in Tokyo 2020.